Vinayagar t-shirt

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Vinayagar is the elephant-headed god in Hinduism. He is the restored eldest son of Lord shiva and parvathi. He was given the status of being foremost among the Gods. He is invoked at the beginning of all ritualistic worship. He is worshiped by people throughout India, Nepal, Thailand and many more Countries. Every year devotees celeberate the birth anniversary of Vinayagar as “Vinayagar chathurthi”.

Vinayagar is the embodiment of wisdom and intelligence. He is the destroyer and remover of obstacles. He rides on “mooshigam vahanam” mooshigam means “Mouse” vahanam means “Carrier” that carries God. Vinayagar and the tiny mouse indicate that the divine truth is same in all irrespective of size, birth or race.

Angi has designed its T-Shirt with the art work of “Lord Vinayagar” to inspire the people about the qualities of him and to follow his way in their everyday life.