Zen Shiva T-Shirt

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The word “Zen” comes from the Sanskrit word “Dhyan.” Zen is a way of vigilance and self-discovery which is practiced while sitting on a meditation. Zen is not a moral teaching. Each one evolved Zen in their own way and taught or transmitted it in their own unique way. A true spiritual path does not tell people what to believe in; rather it shows them how to think? Let your ego and your unconscious mind melt away, merge with the universe.

When you want to attain to Zen, you have to drop your load, discard everything that is on the way, remain free, and stand up straight. This is important. With your load you may never be able to do it. Zen tradition and reveals a wiser man and one who had the wisdom to keep quiet.

Most of the people may not be aware about zen characteristics of Lord Shiva. To Expose the good Zen qualities of Lord shiva we Angi have designed our T-Shirt in such a way that how simple he lived his life to rid his life of as many of the unnecessary and unessential things as he can, likewise, we should consider what is most important to your life, by eliminating the other less essential things in your life to lead a happy life