Adiyogi T-Shirt

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In the yogic culture, Shiva is not known as a God, but as the Adi Guru. He is the Adi Yogi or the first Yogi. Shiva expounded various types of yogas depending upon the level of preparedness of the person who was sitting in front of him. Shiva expounded the ways of yoga first to his wife Devi

Today, yoga is said to be the world's fastest growing wellness regimen because it presents spirituality as technology. On afull moon day the Adiyogi transformed himself into Adiguru – the first guru born on that day.   Mahashivratri is a festival that was chosen to honour Shiva, the Adi Guru, from whom yoga originated.

He took seven disciples and started a systematic exposition of yoga in a scientific manner. He began propounding the whole mechanics of life to these seven people. After many years when it was complete and had produced seven fully enlightened beings, who are today celebrated as sapta Rishis, Adi yogi sent each one of them to different parts of the world.

To describe the simplicity and yogic power of Lord Shiva Angi have designed our T-Shirt in a way with Lord shiva having the snake lying around the neck to symbolize the yogic power of Lord Shiva with which He dissolves and recreates the universe.