Angi is the brainchild of two youngsters who wanted to change the outlook of how our old school designs are perceived. The innate vividness of our culture forms the very crux of Angi’s design concept, which ignited it’s birth. We believe Angi gives the wearer a sense of belonging and feeling of homecoming.




Angi is a brand set out to explore our long forgotton ethos & folklore. By portraying them on a strong medium such as T-shirt, giving it a contemporarized twist.

T-shirt brands from Chennai were a rarity when Angi was started in 2012. Angi had to come up with a South India based Tee concept that stood out from the rest of the existing graphic printed T-shirt brands in the market.



Angi T-shirts are not everyday T-shirts that carry a sarcastic comment, a funny one liner or an image knocked right off the internet on to a ready-made T-shirt sold at a hyped price, passing it off as "cool".

Our efforts are more towards being artistic & meaningful with our designs without compromising on quality. Thus our produts are made from scratch, be it the design or the T-shirt itself. We procure yarns of high quality, knit them with our love & passion (just like our grandma's sweater) soften it up and make it skin friendly.




T-shirts are a vastly worn piece of clothing because of its comfort level and its ability to fall and adapt perfectly to any body type.

The way a T-shirt looks on you completely depends on the way you wear it or style it. Thus, most of our T-shirts are designed in such a way that it fits both the genders commonly. We, at Angi, do not discriminate between the genders and stereotype your fit, based on silhouettes and body type. We understand the fact that each individual has a unique build and we wish to cater to each one of them with our unisex t-shirt.