What is Angi?

Angi~ Cloth which covers the body. 
Angi is a brand seeking to rediscover and celebrate our arts, music and literature by giving it a whole new perspective using T-shirt as the medium. 

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What about the T-Shirt quality?

We use 180 GSM combed cotton in our T-shirts.We specify the type of yarn going into our final t-shirt, closely monitor the knitting and dyeing (a process known as ‘softflow’) and ensure that the printing is done under close observation. The printed garment bits are then stitched, checked and packed in their individual style, before being shipped out to the customers and retailers.

How do i figure out my correct size/fit?

Our sizes run from S to XXL, but before you give us your credit card number, we would want you to go through our size chart, and compare your T-shirt to our sizes to get the perfect fit.

How should I wash the Tee?

What if the design/size I require is out of stock?

In this case, you could contact us via e-mail at info@angi.in and we will send you a notification as soon as the product is back in stock in your required size.

Can I design for Angi?

If you have a brainwave and think it would look good on a T-shirt, Click on SUBMIT YOUR DESIGN.


What are the charges for Shipping?

Shipping charges of Rs.30 is applicable.
If you reside in Chennai and would like to pick your tee shirt up from us, contact us at info@angi.in or call us at +91 9841228842.

What is the return policy?

If your T-shirt is defective or if we sent you the wrong size or if we sent a different T-shirt by mistake, let us know within 3 days of receiving. To know more, check out our Returns & Shipping page.


How can I order in bulk from you?

Just send us an email with your details to angiclothing@gmail.com with the subject Bulk Order. 
If you have a question that you feel wasn’t answered here, feel free to email us at info@angi.in