As the train pulls up to the Basin Bridge junction it goes about the usual ritual of slowing down its speed to that of an 80 year old on a bicycle(info: thanks to the 140 conflicting (overlapping) points between Chennai Central and Basin Bridge stations). There is a sudden rush of dopamine in the brain, I was away from this place for just about a week, yet, here I am, looking forward to being back home with all my heart. I can't wait to see the iconic yellow 'Chennai Central' display with the darkest of black font. For a fleeting nano second, I think of taking my backpack and jumping out of the crawling train. But who am I kidding, I am not that adventurous after all, I realise. Then, just a few miserable minutes later, I can see the approaching platform, everyone's standing up to get the hell out with their luggages, but me, that is when I sit down, I want to enjoy this moment in all its glory, this is happiness, I am there till every person in my compartment is out. I am taking this all in. The son of the land is back, I think to myself. I am sure many of you associate a particular smell with places you have often been to. That smell of Chennai Central is intruding, I think the Central station has the smell of koni pai (brown jute bag?). I am home!