First post of 2023 had to be special & what better way to start the year off than expressing some long pending gratitude.

Angi was founded with a very selfish motive of our wanting our mother tongue on T-shirts, rather than just a random logo or a Che Guevara stencil without knowing the meaning behind it.

Whenever we design a particular T-shirt we pride ourselves in giving it a substantive story.
utmore often than not, we wouldn't be sure of how people would take to our concepts/ideas. From the beginning and even up until a few years back we would find ourselves second guessing people's reception of our designs, and be left wondering if they'd understand and be welcoming of our ideas. That is where people like Mr.Dinesh (the one on the left as you view the image) come in.

Mr. Dinesh has been a patron less, an ambassador of the brand more. Malcolm Gladwell has written entire books on ambassadors like Dinesh.

There are creators, and there are the fans. But it's people like Dinesh who proselytize the brand and convert crowds & that right there is reason enough for us to keep the flame burning & the dice rolling.

Thank you so much Dinesh for being Angi's ambassador, we are lucky to have people like you supporting us over the years.

Happy New Year everyone. Angi out!